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About Us

At Mayon Academy, we are deeply committed to empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the realm of Mendix development. As a premier educational platform, we offer a diverse range of Mendix Courses and resources tailored to cater to both novices and seasoned professionals. Our esteemed instructors and industry experts will guide you through comprehensive curricula, providing invaluable insights, practical illustrations, and engaging hands-on exercises.

Whether you aim to kickstart your career in Low-Code Development application or enhance your existing skill set, Mayon Academy stands as your trusted partner throughout this transformative learning journey. At Mayon Academy, we not only deliver world-class Mendix training but also assist our students in obtaining Mendix Rapid Certification, validating their proficiency in the field.


MAYON Academy >> Bridging the gap between training and certification, equipping you with the skills and recognition you need for success in the competitive world of Mendix development!


Our culture has been organically created based on our values. We’d love to talk to you if you’d be interested in joining the Course.


Empowering individuals to thrive in the dynamic space of Mendix low-code development.


Transforming education, shaping the future: Empowering global leaders in Mendix low-code development.

Meet our Mendix Trainers

Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh is an accomplished Mendix Expert certified professional and the only Mendix Rapid Certified Trainer from this part of the world. He brings extensive industry experience, adaptability, and versatility to meet unique organizational needs. With a solid reputation for delivering high-quality solutions, he has successfully trained and mentored several individuals to excel in Mendix development. Through his comprehensive training programs, Dinesh empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in Mendix. With a deep passion for the field and an unwavering commitment to empowering others, Dinesh is a valuable asset and an important contributor to Mayon Academy’s elite group of Mendix Trainers.


Bharathidasan Saminathan

A renowned Mendix expert and principal architect at MxTechies, Bharathi has been the ideal choice for organizations seeking a transformative approach. With a demonstrated history of leading Mendix app development globally, he guides businesses away from conventional change and empowers them to embrace a streamlined, replicable framework for successful business transformation. With a keen interest to impart knowledge and having secured the most coveted Mendix MVP, Bharathidasan possesses the expertise and credentials to deliver top-notch Mendix training that drives success.


Ananthi Atthimuthu

With a wealth of experience as a Senior Technical Lead and a certified Mendix Expert Developer, Anathi excels in creating robust and scalable applications using the Mendix low-code platform. Her expertise spans software architecture, data modeling, and user interface design, enabling her to deliver intuitive user experiences and meet specific business requirements. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, Ananthi has a track record of timely and budget-conscious project delivery. Additionally, her leadership skills and problem-solving mindset empowers her to mentor junior developers and drive innovation in organizations utilizing the Mendix platform.


Krishnaraj Rajendran

Krishna is a highly skilled and experienced principal architect at MXTechies, a Siemens partner. As a Mendix Expert Certified Developer, he possesses a deep understanding of Mendix’s capabilities, features, and best practices. Krishna’s expertise as a Mendix Trainer adds significant value to Mayon Academy. With his extensive experience and technical skills, Krishna has become a trusted source for training and guiding teams in utilizing Mendix effectively. His proficiency as a Mendix Expert Certified Developer enables him to impart in-depth knowledge about the platform’s capabilities, features, and best practices. As a trainer, Krishna has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable modules, allowing trainees to grasp Mendix concepts efficiently. Krishna has proved time and time again that he’s an absolute asset to our Academy!



Kamalanathan is a passionate Mendix Expert and an exceptional trainer at Mayon Academy. With extensive global industry experience, he delivers unparalleled Mendix training. Kamalanathan’s passion for Mendix development and training is unparalleled, igniting enthusiasm and inspiring learners. His deep understanding of Mendix empowers individuals to excel, simplifying complex concepts with practical insights. He has a noteworthy engaging style, knowledge, and dedication to ensure learner success. Kamalanathan’s guidance enables learners to unleash Mendix’s full potential, staying current with the latest developments. His dedication to staying abreast of the latest developments in the Mendix ecosystem ensures that his training remains current and relevant.


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